Design Process

Closets, laundries, pantries, home offices, and garages may all look the same. How they function and fit into your life can make all the difference in the world. Our process is designed to ensure that our finished product looks AND works the way you want.


Getting to know you: The most important part of your space transformation is the in-home consultation. This helps me learn more about you and your needs and to physically see the space in order to create every possible option to bring your design to fruition. I will make note of all the details allowing the installation to be completed in a timely manner.

Fabrication: After the meeting is over and the measurements have been taken, you get to see your design come to life in the form of a computer-assisted design (CAD). Only after the design is met with your approval will your closet system be created to your specifications.

Installation: The installation will be performed to your design’s exact specifications. When the installation is finished you’re ready to bask in the serenity of your new personal space!

Absolute Guarantee

At Closets Plus we’ve built our business on quality, unconditional customer satisfaction, and the conviction that our company represents the best marketplace value and we absolutely guarantee our laminate products and services as follows:

Design: Professional Closets Plus designers produce design solutions that maximize space utilization and organization. We recognize that there will be a period of time for you to adapt to your new systems. Thus, for 90 days following installation, Closet Plus will make any adjustments you desire to existing shelving and hanging configuration at no charge.

Workmanship: All Closets Plus laminate material, hang rods and accessories are the highest quality and will not deteriorate or lose their effectiveness. For as long as you own your system, Closets Plus will repair or replace materials that fail, if they have been subjected to normal use.

Closets Plus has grown and prospered because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We want or ensure your total satisfaction with every aspect of your experience with us.